Best Floor Tile Steam Cleaner

The best floor tile steam cleaner for home use. How to use portable steam cleaners for tile floors and remove grim and dirt in the bathroom and kitchen.

Cleaning tile grout with steam cleaner

Steam cleaner is perfect for ceramic tile floors in your kitchen or bathrooms. As the tile grout can get pretty grimy, using the right cleaning solution, such as the chemical-free steam cleaning can make your tile floor look fresh again and as new. This is especially important when cleaning the grout, which is the worst to clean.

Best tile steam cleaner provides hot steam, which safely removes the mold and mildew from your bathroom tiles, even dry food and juice stains from the kitchen floor.

Sometimes it is needed to scrape off the dry food from the tile, but if you buy a tile steam cleaner with high quality features, simply expose the dirty area for a few seconds and wipe the dirt and debris off with the clean cloth. Steam cleaner, when properly used can successfully deal with the most stubborn grime on your floor.

For the advance cleaning, you can use industrial type steam cleaners to treat heavy mold and grime, and they are more expensive than those for home use.

Before you steam the floor, always use vacuum or sweep the floor with the regular broom. When using the steam cleaner, slow motion will allow more heat applied on the dirt, which is better but time consuming.

How to maintain tile floors

Tile floors should be maintained on a regular basis with the recommended steam cleaners or washed with a detergent solution, but never ammonia-based cleaners. Grout sealer should be applied twice a year. Don't wax the floors, use the non-epoxy formula and protect the tile grout from staining.

Tile steam cleaner advantages

Tile steam cleaner uses the high temperature and high pressure steam to treat the tiles, carpets and other surfaces, where only about 5-6% water is present. Surfaces are coated in a light mist and if the steam is hot enough, steam cleaner can also sanitize tiles without leaving water behind and other residues, as it dries pretty quickly.

Steam cleaning provides deep penetrating and heat of the steam loosens, melts and dilutes the dirt and grime. As there are no harmful chemicals steam cleaning is easy, safe and cost effective way to clean your tiles. Also, there are no residues and stains left. Bad guys such as bacteria, germs, e-coli, dust spores, mites are greatly reduced from your home.

In the bathroom, steam cleaner is great in removing the soap scum. In the kitchen, it works perfectly well in dissolving food mess.

Keep in mind that the steam cleaners in general do not use suction as vacuums, but you can find all purpose steam mops which can clean with the steam and vacuum after.

You can also rent professional steam cleaners for tile floors or hire a contractor if there are lots of dirty tiles and grout, and you want it fast and convenient. This way you avoid long and difficult cleaning.

The best tile steam cleaner

The best steam cleaners for tile floors have a large water tank so you can clean the floor for a long time before it needs refilling. Better models allow refilling even right after the use - no need for the tank to cool down. They are also equipped with the wheels for additional portability.

Cords should be long enough so you can clean an entire room. Variable steam control is good to have so you can use steam cleaning on variety surfaces.

More attachments it has, better, as it can be applied on different floor surfaces. The standard equipment includes a window and tile squeegee tool for cleaning smooth surfaces, two wands for hard-to-reach areas, wide nozzle, brushes...

The best models provide a high steam temperature and high pressure in a short period of time, which allows faster and more effective tile cleaning. Most steam cleaners produce steam with at least 212 F which is enough for destroying microorganisms.

Wagner 905Wagner 905

Look for the tile steam cleaner that produces lots of power - heat. Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer is one of the best selling steamers that features 1,500 Watts of power, great for deep sanitizing.

What is great with this model is that it can run for 45 minutes non-stop with no refilling... this is enough for the middle size home.

MC 1275 McCullochMC 1275 McCulloch

Another great model is MC 1275 McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam with the same 1,500 Watts power as Wagner 905, and with the great number of attachments and one hour continuous steam production.

Both models release the steam on demand when you press the steam control switch.

Euro-Pro SharkEuro-Pro Shark

Floor tiles can be cleaned with the steam mops also. Euro-Pro Shark Deluxe Steam Pocket Mop deep cleans and sanitizes all sealed hard floors, including bathroom and kitchen tiles.

Euro-Pro Shark steam mop for tile floors produces hot steam with every push forward motion. Steam is ready in less than 30 seconds.

Swivel steering allows an easy maneuver, half gallon tank long mopping and 30-ft long cable convenience.


The best tile steam cleaner for home will usually cost you approximately $100 and over, unless you find a deal. If you buy smaller, such as hand held steam cleaner, you will get a cheaper product, but it will take much longer to clean the tiles, plus it is inconvenient as you have to refill the tank often.

Also, handheld models usually don't produce steam hot enough to sanitize. My recommendation is to look for the brands as shown above and brands Bissell, Oreck or Haan. Either one you buy no more scrubbing grout by hand.

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