Best Portable Band Saws

Compare the best portable band saws from Makita, DeWalt and Milwaukee. Check the main features, advantages and benefits for easy choice.

There are many really good portable band saws on the market today but the question is, which one is the best and why? What makes it/them stand out from other manufacturers or models. This article deals with such a "problem".

Almost all the band saws we have reviewed have similar if not the same features, so choosing one doesn't have to be hard. One of the recommendations we have, if don't have time to read the buying guide or reviews, is to buy a model with a good reputation, also models that offer both a long-lasting battery and power cord option, variable speed, tough carrying case, spare blades, long warranty and good customer service, a service you can rely on.

After searching through numerous professional and consumer reviews, three manufacturers and following models are chosen here as the models that are rated higher than others:

Milwaukee 6238

Milwaukee 6238 portable band sawMilwaukee 6238

Milwaukee 6238 portable band saw is the top rated on Amazon and online websites. It is called a deep cut band saw that can cut up to 4-3/4" in rectangular and round stock, with the speed of 250-350 ft. per minute.

The main advantages are the powerful 6 amp two speed motor, ball and roller bearing system, worm gear and chain drive mechanism for durability, sight light and quick blade change system.

It costs approx. $290, and it comes with a great 5-year warranty.



DEWALT D28770K portable bandsaw is designed for heavy duty jobs for both professionals and hobbyists. As the worldwide known brand, DEWALT D28770K offers a powerful 6-Amp motor with a variable speed that easily cuts 4 3/4" rectangular or round stock, 80 to 280 feet per minute and for an affordable price of approximately $270 and one-year warranty.

Its lighter body (23 pounds) vs. Milwaukee 6238 (26 pounds) is making it easier to carry.

Makita BPB180Z

Makita BPB180Z 18-Volt LXT is the cordless portable band saw that uses long lasting 18 V (3.0 Ah) rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Makita BPB180Z high torque motor allows a variable speed with six different settings. You can turn the speed dial to operate the tool at speeds between 275 and 530 feet per minute with no load; cutting capacity is the same as the above two band saw models, 4-3/4".

You can buy Makita BPB180Z 18-Volt LXT for approximately $280 with the warranty of 3 years.


Portable band saw is the hand tool needed in every workshop. Either you are using it regularly, or occasionally, you need it. Band saws are powerful and durable hand tools used for metal, plastic or wood cutting that can deal any job in a matter of seconds, with the great speed and accuracy. You can buy a portable saw with the electrical cord and plug it into the standard outlet or cordless to bring the power to the job site. Either one you buy from the above it will finish the job and last long enough, but if you want to have a piece of mind, warranty of 5 years is offered by Milwaukee manufacturer for its band saw model 6238, making it the best choice.

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