Pitcher Water Filters Review

Portable pitcher water filters buying guide. Find the best quality portable water filter pitchers for the clean and fresh water, fast and free of the contaminants.

Water filter pitchers are designed to filter tap water fast and convenient while reducing the use of plastic bottles and waste on the landfills, and keeping the environment greener and cleaner. Good quality water pitchers can eliminate many contaminants found in the tap water such as; chlorine, asbestos, VOCs, cadmium, lead, mercury, but are not able to filter elements such as fluoride.

What you should know about water pitchers

Pitcher water filters are popular portable filtration systems that consists of the few elements only: replacement filter and the pitcher canister/dispenser. Water pitcher filters are using the activated carbon as the most popular way of filtration, which should be replaced after some time and hundreds of liters of consumed water. Recommendation is to buy the brand whose filters are easy to find and purchase. Most of the time one filter is included with your purchase of the pitcher water filter system.

More advanced water pitchers are equipped with the multi-stage filtration system and electronic indicators, which shows when you have to replace the filter.

Simply pour the water into the top portion of the canister and from there and through the filter, it flows into the lower part of the canister making the water purified and ready to drink. With the compact and space saving design, pitchers can easily fit in the refrigerator, providing cold water during the hot summer days.

Portable pitcher water filters can be found in different sizes and shapes. Most of the water pitchers are using the gravity where water flows from the top to the bottom and through the filter, slowly dripping. Models such as the Clear2O, filters the water much faster as it attaches to the tap directly and uses the pressure from the faucet for running the water through the filter.

Selecting the best pitcher water filters

While Brita pitcher water filters are the most popular, recommendation is to select the brand and model based on the following:

  • What contaminants are removed - this is probably the most important criteria when selecting the right water filter pitcher. Look for the filter with the multi-stage filtration.
  • Quality of the materials.
  • Expected life of the filter.
  • Available features such as the filter indicators.
  • Price of the unit and more important the cost of the replacement filter (or cost per gallon).
  • Size

Popular brands

Below are three, the most popular brands found in North America:

  • Brita
  • PUR
  • Crystal Quest

Brita water pitchers


Brita water filter pitcher is one of the most popular US brands and systems for portable water filtering, at home. Brita offers several models, different in the size, color and shape.

You can buy Brita from the smallest 5-cup pitcher for your basic water filtration needs to the large 10-cup models, designed for larger families. A filter indicator is used as a reminder for filter replacement. More expensive Brita filters are using the electronic filter indicator, while cheaper come with the sticker.

The Brita water filter pitcher uses the 2-stage filtration system and is equipped with the activated carbon and ion-exchange resins, for better tasting water and fewer contaminants in your glass. First stage is when the water passes through the non-woven screen to reduce the sediments, and the second stage, thanks to the activate carbon and zeolite reduces the chlorine and Lead.



PUR pitcher water filters are similar to Brita system, reducing many contaminants, bad taste and odor, and according to the manufacturer, they can even remove the microbiological cysts Cryptosporidium and Giardi.

The filtration system has three stages; the first stage is to trap the sediments; second one is the activated carbon microfilter that can remove the above-mentioned microorganisms, also Lead, suspended particles, pesticide and herbicide. The third layer is made of natural minerals which gives water crisp and refreshing taste.

PUR doesn't have as many water pitchers as Brita but still has an affordable solution for your water needs. PUR Flavoroption Water Pitcher is equipped with the flavoroptions cartridge which allows you to add the fruit flavor with the push of the button.

Clear2O water filtration pitchers


Clear2O water filtration pitcher is using the quick-connect hose that adapts easily to many types of faucets so filling the dispenser is much faster than the previous Brita and PUR systems. According to the manufacturer, the filter can reduce up to 53 contaminants, including cysts, Lead, Mercury and Asbestos.

Clear2O offers only one, large model, which comes with the intelligent-filter indicator that measures the amount of water used.

All the water filter pitchers from the above manufacturers are pretty much affordable, and the pitchers will cost you between $20 and $35.


Portable pitcher water filters are used at home, boat, mobile home or when camping and are the most affordable and popular way of filtering the water. Water filter pitchers are designed for filtering small quantities of tap water, removing the unpleasant taste and odor effectively but are not meant for the untreated municipality or well water.

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