Best Oxygen Concentrators Review

The best oxygen concentrators review; comparing Inogen, Philips Respironics, Sequal Eclipse, Invacare and DeVilbiss.

As there are many quality portable oxygen concentrators with the most advanced and very useful features available on the market, it is hard to decide which one is the right for your needs. This is why we have selected only the best oxygen concentrators, small, portable and easy to use, so your search is easy and fast.

Inogen One G2

Inogen One G2Inogen One G2

Inogen One G2 is the pulse-dose portable oxygen system that comes with the five flow settings, and it can operate up to three hours on a single battery charge.

The oxygen concentration is in a range from 87 to 96%.

Philips Respironics EverGo


Philips Respironics EverGo portable oxygen concentrator features a lightweight construction of less than 10 pounds, with a great 4-hour battery life.

It delivers maximum of 93% oxygen purity, using the pulse mode, with six settings and 1050 ml per minute oxygen capacity.

Sequal Eclipse

Sequal EclipseSequal Eclipse

Sequal Eclipse is another travel friendly portable oxygen concentrator that is designed to provide maximum of 93% oxygen concentration and up to 3 LPM continuous flow. Battery life is up to 4.4 hours.



Invacare portable concentrators are available as Solo 2 and XPO2 models. Invacare Solo 2 offers continuous flow up to 3 liters per minute or pulse delivery in settings 1-5.

Invacare XPO2 is advertised as the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market. It has 900 ml per minute oxygen capacity and is capable to provide 95.6% oxygen concentration (as Solo 2 model), in a pulse mode.

DeVilbiss Igo

DeVilbiss IgoDeVilbiss Igo

DeVilbiss Igo is the small travel oxygen concentrator, designed with two modes; continuous flow 1-3 LPM and pulse dose delivery with 1 to 6 LPM settings.

Oxygen concentration is in the range from 88 to 94%. Battery can last as long as 5.4 hours.

When searching for the portable concentrators keep in mind that these devices are regulated by the FDA and in order to receive oxygen therapy prescription from your physician must be issued. The prescription will indicate how much oxygen you need per minute (liters per minute or LPM) and when you need to use oxygen. All these models are FAA approved.

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