Best MSR Water Filters Review

Review of the best MSR water filters for backpacking, hiking, camping and when traveling abroad. See how MSR portable water filters provide great-tasting drinking water from the questionable source.

Water filtration is very important for anyone who travels a lot and has to drink water from sources located all over the nature.

MSR water filters and purifiers are portable water filters, which are one of the best choices to make, due to their reliability, ease of use, portability and affordability. Aside from all of this, MSR water filters are also small and compact, and this review will show you which one of these hand-held portable water filters is the perfect solution for you.

Models review

MSR MiniWorks EX Microfilter

MSR MiniWorksMSR MiniWorks

With the Marathon EX carbon/ceramic water filter and the AirSpring Accumulator, the MiniWorks portable water filter will deliver a liter of clean and taste-free water per minute. Aside from being small and very practical, it is also tough and durable, which makes it perfect for outdoor adventures.

Another important fact is that the MiniWorks is easily maintainable in the field. Whenever you fell that it needs a quick clean, you can do it in matter of minutes without any tools, and keep using it to get and healthy drinking water.

MSR HyperFlow Microfilter

MSR HyperFlowMSR HyperFlow

With the capacity of 3 liters of clean water per minute and the weight of only 7.4 oz. (209 g), the HyperFlow Microfilter is one of the best MSR water filters for outdoor activities. It is compact and hand held, but it can provide a group of five or even more people with clean water easily enough.

This portable water filter features something called the Hollow Fiber Technology, which makes this filter so lightweight and reliable. The most important thing about the HyperFlow is to learn how to use it at home and to back flush the filter regularly, in order to get the most out of this product and avoid any problems.

MSR SweetWater Purifier System

MSR SweetWaterMSR SweetWater

The SweetWater is probably the best all-rounder out of all MSR filtration products. It is small and lightweight at just 11 oz, it is compact due to its fold-away handle, it cleans 1.25 liters of water per minute, and it can be easily cleaned - so it is practical.

The purifier eliminates bacteria and protozoa from the water, and adding five drops of SweetWater Purifier Solution to every liter of cleaned water will leave you with virus-free drinking water, so you will basically have a water filtration and purification product in one.

MSR AutoFlow Gravity Microfilter

MSR AutoFlowMSR AutoFlow

The AutoFlow Gravity Microfilter is the only one out of all portable water filters made by MSR to offer the gravity option instead of a pump. Namely, all you have to do is find water, fill the large 4-liter reservoir and let gravity provide you with clean drinking water.

This filter will provide you with almost 2 liters of cleaned water per minute, and the water can be filtered directly into any type of bottle, as the AutoFlow Gravity Microfilter features a bottle adapter. Aside from its functionality, the fact that it weighs an incredible 10.5 oz. (299 g) makes this water filter easy to handle on long hiking trips.


This review has covered four MSR water filters, which are all small and compact, as well as very durable and robust. All of them are made with the users in mind, which means that they all come with clear instructions, and they are all easy to maintain without any tools at all. While some of these portable water filters might be used for larger groups of travelers, there are also those that are perfect for one of two people hiking or enjoying nature in any other way. Therefore, choosing one of these MSR water filters should always be done according to your needs relating to a portable water filtration solution.

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