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Finding the best home generator with the review of the top features and benefits. Review of the best selling gas, diesel and propane portable generators for home use; including brands like Yamaha, Generac, Honeywell, ETQ...

This article does not provide information how to select and buy the best portable home generators... you can find this info here... it provides a list of the top selling models covering propane, gas and diesel types and recommendations found online,, and

The best gas home generators

Gas or gasoline portable generators are the most common types of emergency home generators. Gasoline is easy to obtain, it increases the portability of smaller generators, but has a short shelf life. The best home generator models are presented below:

  1. The best selling and rated model from All Power America, recommended also from and is All Power America APG3014 model. This 2,000 watt, 4-stroke generator sells for $200 and has over 40 positive reviews. It runs 9.5 hours non-stop at 50% load and has 68 db noise level. APG3014 model is non-CARB compliant.
  2. The best home generator from Honeywell is the CARB compliant model HW2000i; a 2,100 watt, 125cc or 4-stroke gas powered portable inverter generator that sells for approx. $420. It offers 5-hour running time and 62 dB noise level.
  3. Generac 5724 is another model, together with the Honeywell HW2000i and All Power America APG3014, recommended from both and online stores. This top Generac home generator can run for 12.5 hrs and has a 70-75 dB noise level. It makes 3,750 watt power from 206cc OHV engine, and it sells for $400.
  4. The best selling and rated gasoline generator from Champion manufacturer is model 46517 that provides 3,500 watts, has the 196cc OHV 4-cycle engine, provides 12 hrs running hours and sells for approx. $350.
  5. 5 stars out of 5, based on 18 reviews, belongs to Yamaha EF2000iS inverter generator. This CARB compliant model features 79cc OHV engine, provides 10.5 hrs continuous operation at 1/4 rated load and gives 2,000 watts. The noise level is between 51.5 and 61 dB. It sells for approx. $990.
  6. The best home generator from ETQ is ETQ TG32P12. This is a 4,000 watt and 7 HP (207cc) portable generator that runs for 13 hrs and produces 65 dB noise. It sells for $370.
  7. The best selling and rated model from Briggs & Stratton is from the Elite Series, model that offers 8,550 watt, 10 HP and 13 hours running time. It sells for approx. $770.

The best diesel home generators

Selection of the portable diesel generators for home use is much narrower than for gas powered units.

Diesel generator advantages are durability, long life and superior power. Diesel is cheaper than the gasoline, you can get it fairly easy and fuel delivery is available. Several years ago the main disadvantage was that they were loud, but today, many manufacturers had a success in lowering the noise level.

What are the best home generator models that run on diesel, you will ask? The following are the top selling brands and models.

  1. ETQ DG6LE model is equipped with the 10 HP or 418cc diesel powered engine, has an electric start and provides a maximum of 6,000 watts. 3.96 gallon fuel tank allows ETQ DG6LE generator to run almost 11.8 hrs under 50% power load. Noise level is 82 dB. The unit is non-CARB compliant. It sells for approx. $1080.
  2. Ramsond Portable Elite uses 11 HP or 418 cc engine to produce 6500 watts. It is advertised as the silent diesel generator, thanks to the acoustical canopy design. It provides some neat features like an automatic pre-heater for the cold climates and electric start with a remote starter. It sells for approx. $1400 and is used as the stand alone unit.
  3. ETQ DG4LE is the 4,900 watt and 8 HP (296cc) diesel powered portable generator that operates for 11 hrs with 50% load and has 82 dB noise level. It offers handy electric start, heavy duty wheel kit and a handle for easy transport. It sells for approx. $800.
  4. DuroStar DS7200Q is a fully enclosed portable generator with a super quiet muffler which results in noise level of 70 dB. This is a 6,000 watt diesel generator that comes with the wireless remote and electric start and provides 12-hour continuous operation. It sells for approx. $1100.
  5. NorthStar Generator — comes with the 10 HP and 6500 surge watts, and gives 13 hours run time at 1/2 load. It sells for approximately $3400.
  6. All Power America Portable Diesel Generator features 6500 surge watts, run time is 8 hours, engine is 4-stroke, 10 hp. It sells for approximately $1300.

The best propane home generators

Portable generators that are using propane have their pros and cons also. Propane gas or LP has a long shelf life and can be easily stored. Either using smaller or larger tanks, it is easily obtainable during power outages and home delivery is also available. It burns clean.

  1. The best home generator from ETQ is ETQ PG30P11 model; a fuel efficient model with 7 HP or 208cc 4-stroke OHV propane engine, which produces maximum of 3,500 watts of power and 65 dB noise. It doesn't have wheels installed but there is a separate wheel kit to purchase. It consumes 1.5 lbs per hour at 50% load and provides 11 hours of run time. It sells for approx. $450.
  2. Sportsman GEN4000LP produces 4000-watt with the 7 HP OHV propane powered engine. Its operating noise is 68 dB, and it can operate 10 hours at 50% load on 20-pound of fuel. It sells for approx. $400.
  3. All Power America APG3560 is the strong 13 HP or 389cc portable propane generator that comes with the 4-stroke OHV engine, electric start and wheel kit. 20 pounds propane tank provides up to 8 hours run time at 50% load. Noise level is at 75 dB. It sells for approx. $950.
  4. Champion LPG generator 71108 gets the maximum power of 4,200 watt by using the 4-stroke propane powered engine. CARB compliant. It sells for approx. $625.

Selecting a Home Generator type

Portable generators for home use are designed to use propane, gasoline or diesel fuel mainly, and which one you will buy it depends on your electric power needs. The best home generator can be powered by sun and wind and available as multi-fuel or dual-fuel models, which allow you to switch among fuel types. Buying a conversion kit might be a good solution when the emergence strikes so you can always use your generator if one fuel type becomes unavailable.

Based on how many appliances you want to run during the power outage, you can buy a very small unit from as low as 750 watts to those which are even ten times stronger. Generators with less wattage are mainly designed to provide sufficient power for basic needs such as the lightning, TV or a fridge, while larger generators are built to power the whole house.

According to, the recommendation is to buy a portable generator that produces power of up to 3,500 watts, if planning to run several appliances, like TV, fridge and lights simultaneously.

Generators that are designed to produce power between 4,000 and 8,000 watts are recommended for smaller and mid size homes, while generators with the power between 10,000 and 17,500 watts are mostly for large homes.

There are two ways to calculate how many watts your best home generator has to be, so it can provide sufficient power. Find out how many appliances you want to run simultaneously by either multiplying the total amps needed by 120 or reading wattage directly from the label, and calculate the total sum. That will be generator rated power in watts.


The best home generator is the one that meets your needs, has a long run time, uses a fuel type that is convenient to obtain, store and fill, and provides reliable and durable work during the emergency.

All three fuel types from the above have pros and cons and which one you will choose depends on availability in your area. Most of the time in a case of an emergency you don't have time to shop for the fuel, so having the fuel stored for long periods of time makes such emergency generators the right choice.

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