Best Danby Portable Air Conditioner Review

Danby portable air conditioner detail review. Find Danby 12,000 BTU model DPAC12010H features, specifications, pros and cons. Model DPAC12010H, from Premier series, is probably the best Danby portable air conditioner, designed to provide 12,000 BTU cooling power.

Danby air conditioner DPAC12010H is portable and multi-functional system that comes as 4-in-1 unit for year round use. It is cooling during the summer and heating during the winter.

Its portable design and simple installation allows easy use and transport from one room to another. DPAC12010H model is designed as the portable AC, dehumidifier, heater and fan, and every single mode has the "oscillating air swing capabilities" for even air distribution.

Operating modes

Danby DPAC12010HDanby DPAC12010H

When Danby operates as the portable room air conditioner it has the cooling capacity of 12 000 BTU, which is sufficient to cool the room size up to 500 sq. ft, but it depends on conditions.

While working in the Fan mode, AC unit blows the air in one of the three settings; High, Medium and Low. Fan mode is recommended when the outdoor temperatures are low enough so you don't have to use the air conditioner. This is what helps using less energy and saving on your energy bills.

Danby DPAC12010H AC can also work as a dehumidifier; it takes the moist from the surrounding air and makes it dry; max. capacity is 54 pints per 24 hours. It uses direct drain option to remove the water from the system. If the drain tank becomes full you have to drain it manually otherwise the warning light will light up. When the tank is full and to avoid spilling out the condensed water remove the drain plug in the rear of the unit and drain out water. When in this mode the exhaust hose does not have to be vented out.

Either mode is running the air filter located at the upper rear side of the unit should be correctly installed, for proper work, and cleaned regularly so it can efficiently remove dust and dirt. If, for some reason, the air filter is dirty your AC will have reduced cooling efficiency. 


Venting System

The best Danby portable air conditioner is designed as the dual-hose system, where one hose is used to exhaust the warm air out and the other to draw the fresh air from the outside in. Dual venting air conditioners, due to its design (two fans) are using more energy than the single hose system, but they may cool the room faster. Another great advantage is that dual venting systems are by taking the air from the outside avoiding the negative pressure problem.

Control panel

Control panel is conveniently located on the top of the air conditioner, and it features several buttons; mode selector, buttons to adjust the temperature, digital display for the timer and temperature and status lights. Remote for convenient use is also provided.


Requirements for a proper AC work

  • Energy Efficiency Ratio rates the cooling capacity of the AC. EER value is 9.4.
  • Danby uses the environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Dehumidification is 54 pints per 24 hour.
  • Approximate size is 33" x 20" x 16"; 77 lb weight.
  • No Energy Star rating.

There are three requirements this Danby portable air conditioner requires:

  • Minimum 15 amp grounded receptacle.
  • When Danby portable AC operates in the Air Conditioning Mode proper venting has to be provided. This is done by using the flexible hose from the rear of the appliance and through the provided window kit which is designed to fit most standard windows.
  • Space on the floor for its installation and sufficient amount of air.


Model DPAC12010H as the best Danby portable air conditioner can be purchased for approximately $460, and it comes with two-year warranty.


Danby was established in 1947 as the manufacturer of small electrical appliances. Today they are well recognized name in the industry of home appliances; refrigerators, dehumidifiers, air conditioners and other. You can buy Danby products in almost any of the big chain stores such as Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Target, Lowes...

Model DPAC12010H as the best Danby portable air conditioner is just one example of the quality products this company makes.

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