Best Battery Starter with Air Compressor Review

If you own a car and travel often, a battery starter with air compressor, is one of the priorities you must have in your car's trunk. Definitely you are sick and tired of many car breakdowns due to battery anomalies or flat tires happening miles away from the nearest gas station. In such times you need a backup plan and quick solution; you need a battery starter with air compressor. This is a review of the three popular models.

Two-In-One Gadget for the Emergency

The battery starter with air compressor is a two in one back-up device; first as a reliable power source to jump start a dead battery and the quick action tire inflator. Flat tires are an everyday pain, and it gets even worse if it happens in the middle of nowhere. However with the built-in powerful compressor, you can fix your slow puncture problems in seconds or even inflate all your sports equipment just before a game. No manual pumping is needed, just plug in the batter starter with compressor and switch it on. The device packs enough power to run the entire compressor unit without the need of long cable connecting to a DC source.

Duracell DRPP300 Powerpack

Duracell DRPP300 Powerpack

Duracell DRPP300 Powerpack was designed with all the power you need for the emergency, outdoor activities and power outages. It is a battery jump starter, portable power charger for small appliances and electronics, also the air compressor for flat tires or inflatables.

Duracell Powerpack 300 is also a power inverter, able to provide up to 300 watts of AC power, and utilizing the 12 Volt DC socket and 2.1 Amp USB port, all for portable power either at home or out on the road. In a case of the emergency such as the flat tire, 250 PSI and 120 cold cranking Amps of jump starting power provides easy fix and big help when needed.


  • Heavy duty jump cable and 120 CCA of power. The cable has decent length and stows into the ends conveniently, including the air hose

  • Built-in rechargeable LED for illumination at night; can be removed from the unit

  • Durable heavy duty rechargeable internal AGM battery, safer than lead acid battery

  • Stays charged for a long time

  • Compact and versatile
  • Flexibility to operate several appliances at once, due to the multiple outlets

  • Lightweight, only 13 pounds

  • Safe where audible alarm alert if overheating or under-voltage occurs


  • It is good only for light duty, such as laptops, cellphones, tablets, TVs, GPS, adding air to tires, jump starting smaller cars

  • It needs a full 12-hour recharge and three days when used for the first time

  • The Powerpack is sensitive to extreme heat and cold tempratures

  • Difficult to remove and replace battery

Jump-N-Carry 1700Amp Jump Starter

Jump-N-Carry 1700Amp

This 1700 amp jump starter has its clamps conveniently fixed at the side, capable of cold cranking up to 425 amps.

The built in battery is designed with PROFORMER feature, which makes it efficient for cranks and re-charges, also helping in longer service life.

The charging system is automatic that stops charging when the battery is fully charged. This way the starter can be connected to an AC outlet as long as you want with no damages to the unit. The battery jump starter also utilize the industrial grade Air Delivery System for convenient and fast tire inflation.


  • High cold crank power

  • Clamps fixed conveniently at the sides

  • Battery technology is PROFORMER quality

  • Industrial grade cables
  • Impact resistant case

  • Long 68" cable


  • May not be available in some states and regions
  • For some customers, the unit is expensive that doesn't provide the great quality where some values are not per specs.

Wagan 400Watt Power Jump Starter

Wagan 400Watt

This is a two in one action; a battery starter with air compressor you definitely need in your trunk. As small as it appears, it is capable of 400 crank amps enough to bring your car battery back to life.

Besides that, it also functions as a compressor, boasting of 275 psi. You can also charge this jump starter with AC/DC adapters. It has good review on and the price is below $100.


  • High crank amps to jump start several cars

  • High power compressor rated at 275 PSI

  • Easily rechargeable through AC/DC adapters

  • 5 LED lights are built-in for extra illumination of 15 hours or the whole night
  • It can inflate a 16" tire in 6 minutes


  • The adapter cables may not be able to handle the load of jump starting some cars

Tips when you go out shopping

The battery starter with compressor is quite a convenient device to anyone who is tired of stalling cars or running out of electricity. However you have to know where to shop and buy the gadget to get a good deal. For a first time user, you can really spend a lot of money if you have no idea where to look. These energy devices come in different price ranges in the market, thus it is important to have an idea what you want to buy; cheaper between $50 and $80 or more expensive for over $200. Just like all other energy appliances, they come with different specifications and features; the more features you want the more you are going to spend.


A battery starter with compressor is what every car owner needs for a safe ride on the road, also camping, tailgating, power outages, emergency and other unpredictable situations. It will fix your minor problems like punctures or battery shut downs in the middle of nowhere. It is build to a compact look to make sure it can fit in you trunk plus can be charged from your car using power adapters. Besides sorting your car out, you can also use this starter as a power source to charge communication gadgets or heat appliances.

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