Baby Weight Scale Review

Portable baby weight scale expert and user reviews. Find the best digital baby scale; explore features and advantages when weighing infants and toddlers.

Portable baby scales - Buying tips

Portable baby weight scales are perfect for pediatricians, traveling nurses and home care to measure a birth weight of babies and even toddlers.

Recommendation is to buy a digital baby scale. The best portable baby scales have the motion-sensing weighing technology to lock (hold) the weight quickly for very active babies and after weight is removed.

Neat features such as the memory recall of the last weight, colorful design or soothing music to calm babies are definitely extra values worth considering when reviewing baby scales.

Weight tray has to be sanitary and with a decent size to accommodate babies of all sizes, either sitting or reclining. Weighing surface - tray should be removable and made of the quality material for durability and easy cleaning.

Baby weight scale should be conveniently designed so it us simple to use, is battery operated for greater portability, has large LCD display for easy reading, auto-off to conserve energy and options for weighing in different units with modes. It is better if it has larger capacity range and smaller weight increments.

Additional features such as Tare feature is useful if you already have a weight on the scale, you can "zero set" it by pressing the tare button, and it will display the weight of what you are adding only. Tare function also allows you accurately to read the baby's weight only and not include the weight of its clothing.

Water resistant design is important to provide an easy cleaning and protect against little accidents that might happen on the scale.

Some of these digital baby scales are designed for heavier weights, to weight toddlers, for example. The only thing you have to do is to remove the weighing cradle.

Some pediatric scales can fold in half for compact and easy transportation. The price range goes from around $50 up to over a thousand.


Different brands and types of baby weighing scales are available, that are used not only for newborns, babies, toddlers, but for cats and puppies also.

You can buy a baby weight scale that is designed compact, with the removable tray - pan type; you can put your baby on the comfortable seat to measure, in baby hanging trousers with the hanging dial or even a spring type.

Best portable baby scales

According to website, three digital baby scales are the best selling:

  • Weigh South WM2300 Baby Scale
  • My Weigh MBS2010 Infant Scale
  • Siltec BS1 Toddler Scale has numerous reviews about everything, and looking at the baby scales, here is the rating:

Salter 914 electronic scale

Salter 914Salter 914

Salter 914 electronic scale is a versatile baby scale, designed to weight not only our little ones, from the first days, as the newborn baby, but the older toddlers. Salter 914 can also be used to keep track of the weight on your cats or puppies, to weigh packages, letters...

Securely fitted baby tray with the 0.5 ounce increments provides an accurate weighing of your newborn baby, while the pull out tray and maximum weight limit of 44 pounds allows you to measure kids up to the toddler age. It is made of plastic so it isn't too cold for your naked baby.

With over 150 reviews, this scale is rated 4.5 of maximum 5. There are approximately 140 reviews with 4 and 5 stars and less than 10 are rated with 3 stars or less.

Health o Meter HDC100-01 "Grow with Me" Teddy Bear Scale

Health o Meter HDC100-01Health o Meter HDC100-01

Health o Meter HDC100-01 "Grow with Me" Teddy Bear Scale is another digital scale designed for babies, toddlers, pets and other applications.

This is the best rated baby weight scale, with over 80 positive, 5 star reviews.

It is built strong, so it can take larger weights, up to 60 pounds, which is more than the above Salter 914 model. It has the same features as the previous model; large 1.2" LCD display, weighs in increments of 0.5 ounces, can accommodate both babies and toddlers - thanks to the removable tray "zero-out" feature for calibration, lb/kg button, and hold function to lock the weight for easy reading. It is slightly lighter but is more expensive.

The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale

The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby ScaleThe First Years American Red Cross

The First Years American Red Cross Soothing Baby Scale is the compact baby scale, that doesn't have the removable tray as the two models above. With the six pounds only, it is also lighter than the previous two scales.

A comfortable design offers two positions; the baby can either be sitting or lying. What helps the baby to become calmer is the soothing musing.

A neat feature which allows you to compare two weighting results is the memory feature that recalls the last weight. It has been rated with 4 stars. See the price and reviews here.

ULTRASCALE MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale

ULTRASCALE MBSC-55 Digital Baby ScaleULTRASCALE MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale

ULTRASCALE MBSC-55 Digital Baby Scale offers similar features as the above baby weight scales with the removable tray. Maximum capacity is 55 pounds that measure with the 0.1 oz precision.

It can measure both babies and toddlers, even pets as long as it doesn't exceed the maximum capacity. It runs on battery or AC, has auto off feature, Tare / Zero function, digital calibration, kg/lb option, hold function... and it comes with the amazing lifetime warranty.


Baby weight scale is a very useful piece of equipment to have at home; it measures and tracks the baby health, development and growth. I, like other parents like to weigh my babies more often than when we go to the regular doctor's visit, so that is the reason why every parent should consider buying one.

Purchasing a baby scale doesn't have to be expensive; you don't need a professional type such as the one found at the pediatric office.

As long as it accurately measures (doing its job) you can keep a track of your baby development. But, keep in mind that safety is the major factor to consider when buying a portable baby scale.

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