All Power Diesel Portable Generators Review

When it comes to portable generators, diesel trumps the gas generators as diesel generators are quite easy to use and handle, along with being cheap. The All Power diesel portable generators offer the unbeatable combination of low price and reliability along with smart functionality for the consumers. In this article, we look at three exclusive models of All Power portable generators that run on diesel fuel: the 6500 Watt APG3202, the 7000 Watt APG3203 and the 6500 Watt APG3201.

What's common


With a smooth operation and moderate diesel consumption, the APG3202 can definitely be used as a perfect back-up generator during any power cut or major fails. With the 6500 Watt power capability, the 10 HP silent All Power portable generators can run a 220V pump and also provide enough power for the small appliances as well.

In the present scenario every house has electric appliances; and though it is a fact that the APG3202 cannot handle a 20kw furnace or a complete central a/c, this one can definitely run house fans, small fans for the wooden stoves and electric lights.


The features of APG3202 comprises of a single cycle 4 stroke diesel engine with air cooling. The APG3203 diesel generator also incorporates a 4 stroke diesel engine with a power capability of 7000 watt.

On the other hand, considering the variation within the models of All Power diesel portable generators, the APG3201 can also be checked out. This one is an inexpensive and powerful diesel generator that offers 6500 watt power. It also comprises of a 10 HP air cooled 4 stroke diesel engine along with a convenient air panel. The above mentioned features can be said to be the similarities of the different variations of all power diesel portable generators. 

Differences in the features of APG3201, APG3202 and APG3203


On the contrary, the three variations of the diesel generators have certain distinguishing features that need to be known before making a final purchase. Starting off with the All Power APG 3201, it offers an output of 5000 watts within low oil shut off. The voltage regulation is very much convenient and the output current capability is 50 amps at 120V, 25amps at 250 volts within a frequency of 60Hz. 

It also comprises of 2-AC duplex with 120V outlets. In comparison to the APG3201, the model APG3202 runs on a ½ load for 9.5 hours while the APG3201 runs for 11 hours on ½ loads. It includes a mobility kit, a complete maintenance-free battery along with 2 electric start keys. Two 120V outlets are present offering a power output of 50 amps, one 120V twist lock and one 12V DC is present. The generator runs continuously for 8 hours on full load. 

The All Power diesel portable generator APG3201 is more noisy providing around 76 db while the APG3202 limits the noise level to 70db. On the contrary, the APG3203 can be said to be advanced than the previous models depending on the fact that the generator is equipped with a 418 cc single cylinder along with an electric start. It does not require any back up start.

The output power seems to be low at 120V offering 20.8 amps but on 240V the output is appreciable offering 41.6 amps. Though the working time for the APG3203 is also the same as 11 hours on half load, this one can definitely said to be the most noise efficient because it ranges up to 68 db of sound unlike the other two models of All Power diesel portable generators.


We find the APG3203 as truly worthy considering one of the major aspects that it offers is a one 12V DC which provides 8.3 amps output power. The heavy duty construction makes sure that the generator can be used for a long period of time. The APG3203 runs on diesel fuel which is more effective than the gasoline and also it is easier to store. The output power is continuous for 5000 watts and having good fuel efficiency; this is able to supply your house with backup power for a sufficient period of time during any major power outrages. A digital control panel is present with hour meter and volt meter.

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