9 inch Portable DVD Player Review

Find out what's the top rated 9 inch portable DVD player. Small and compact DVDs with the 9" screen size, such as reviewed Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic and Philips are the great choice when traveling with kids.

We are all always looking for ways to make our traveling easier and more interesting at the same time, and buying a 9 inch portable DVD player will often prove to be very good for this. Buying a 9 " portable DVD player will provide you with a very practical, mobile device which can be used in many different situations.

The 9 inch size player is small and compact, so you will be able to take it everywhere with you and use it while on the train, in the car, or even when you are spending some time in the outdoors. This review will give an insight into some of the popular models available to you.

Top models

Sony DVP-FX950 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

Sony DVP-FX950Sony DVP-FX950

There are a few things about the Sony DVP-FX950 that makes it unique and a good choice when looking for a 9 inch portable DVD player. Firstly, it will provide you with seven and a half hours of unstoppable movie or music playback, which is not so easy to find in modern DVD players.

Furthermore, it has all the important touch keys for control located on the bezel, a practical USB port and 2 sensors for the remote control, meaning that you will be able to use the remote from multiple angles.

Philips PD9000/37 9-Inch LCD Portable DVD Player

Philips PD9000/37Philips PD9000/37

The Philips PD9000/37 is definitely a good buy, as it offers a lot of great features and has many positive user reviews. Some of these features include a battery that will keep you entertained for 5 hours without a need for a recharge, DivX playback support and a high resolution LCD display.

However, what really makes this 9 inch portable DVD player worth considering are the included 110-240V charger and the fact that it can easily be made region-free in just a few steps.

Audiovox DS9106PK 9-Inch LCD Swivel Display

Audiovox DS9106PKAudiovox DS9106PK

This 9 inch portable DVD player comes at an affordable price and a lot of good qualities. Audiovox DS9106PK is small and compact, and it comes with a headrest mounting system, a vehicle power adapter and two pairs of high-quality headphones, which makes it perfect for car use.

The built-in speakers and the swivel screen will provide you with a chance to enjoy a movie with your friends and family members without having to buy additional headphones.

Panasonic DVD-LX9 9-Inch

Panasonic DVD-LX9Panasonic DVD-LX9

If you are looking for a 9 inch portable DVD player which you can use both as a portable device and a home theater system, then the Panasonic DVD-LX9 is the perfect choice for you.

This DVD player is especially interesting because of two different things: beautiful design and a superb sound quality. The DVD-LX90 features DTS and Dolby Digital decoding, 5.1-channel analog and digital audio outputs, and the Dialogue Enhancer. It also comes with two stereo speakers.

Toshiba SDP94S 9-Inch

Toshiba SDP94SToshiba SDP94S

Toshiba SDP94S is an interesting portable DVD player, as it comes at a very attractive price. However, the lower price doesn't mean that it is of low quality – quite the opposite.

It features a swivel-and-flip 9 " LCD display, an SD memory card slot, a 5-hour battery life, excellent audio quality both through the headphones and the speakers, and comes with a handy car adapter. Also, its stylish look has proven to be a favorite among customers.


Whenever you are looking into buying the mobile electronic device, you should always look for an honest review that will tell you which devices are worthy of your time. This review will do exactly this for anyone who is looking into buying a 9 inch portable DVD player. All of the portable DVD players mentioned above are small, compact and reliable mobile devices. They all have very good customer reviews, so each of them deserves to be on the list of the best 9" portable DVD players on the market at the moment. If looking for the refurbished, dual screen or cheap 9 inch DVD players, accessories or batteries when travelling by an airplane or car, use one of the largest online stores Amazon.com.

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