Choosing the Best 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Choosing the best 14,000 BTU portable air conditioner for home use. Who should consider buying the AC with the power of 14,000 BTU? Comparing models Soleus LX-140 and NewAir AC-14000H and its main features such as the self-evaporative technology, quality filtration, model design and smart technology. 

Is 14,000 BTUs enough for a room, apartment or office?

Portable air conditioners are sized according to BTUs, which describes units' cooling power and capacity. Choosing the right size of your new portable AC is very important for the efficient cooling of your room, office or apartment.

Keep in mind one important fact: If you buy an AC with a higher BTU rating your AC will not properly remove humidity from the air, while under-sized unit won't cool a room correctly.

When sizing the portable air conditioner this is what you should do; calculate the room size and the size of the windows. To get the rough estimation of the needed BTUs, multiply the room size (its area) by 35. For example; if your room measures 400 sq. ft multiply it by 35... your portable air conditioner capacity should be around 14,000 BTUs. Find out more tips on how to buy a portable AC and the advantages. 

Popular 14000 BTU portable air conditioners

According to many professional and user reviews two portable 14000 BTU models are the most popular, mainly because of the features and benefits they have to offer and many positive user reviews, of course.

Two websites, and are recommending one 14000 BTU portable air conditioner as the most powerful unit... NewAir AC-14000E.

Soleus LX-140 is the second one, and is one of the most selling and popular units, with the great customer feedback. Soleus LX-140 and NewAir AC-14000H are both 14000 BTU models that also include the heat pump for heating during the colder winter days, dehumidifier and 3-speed fan.

Great advantage is the high EER rating, especially on NewAir AC-14000H; it is 12.26, higher than Soleus LX-14000. On the other side Soleus portable AC has better (read lower) noise level, 46 vs. 51 for NewAir.

NewAir AC-14000H

NewAir AC-14000H is the 14000 BTU portable air conditioner, with a built-in heat pump, fan and dehumidifier, all in one.

High 14,000 BTUs cooling and heating power allows an efficient work for mid and large size rooms up to 450 sq.ft, such as bedrooms, living rooms, even offices.

NewAir AC-14000HNewAir AC-14000H


As the fan has three speed settings available you can use this cooling machine for different room sizes, by changing the airflow speed.

Self-Evaporative technology

NewAir AC-14000H uses the Self-Evaporative cooling technology to reduce the condensate water from the AC unit. Extracted water from the surrounding air will be stored in the unit's water tank, and once it is full, the air conditioner will stop working so you can empty the tank. Thanks to the Self-Evaporative technology the number of times when emptying is required will be reduced.

Even air distribution

To direct the airflow and provide an even air distribution, NewAir AC-14000H is using a set of swinging louvers. By pressing the swing button located on the unit's control panel, the swinging louvers will be activated and set it in one of the three positions.

Control panel

Control panel at the top of the unit has several very useful buttons, including mode selector, timer, ion, temperature and speed buttons, sleep and swing function and digital display.


In order to clean surrounding air and remove harmful particles from the air, NewAir AC-14000H utilize the carbon filters located in the back of the unit and Ionizer which activates with a simple press of the button.

Soleus LX-140

Soleus LX-140 is another great 14000 BTU portable air conditioner that offers almost the same features as the previous NewAir AC-14000H:

  • Evaporative Technology for the increased cooling efficiency and reduced number of times you need to empty the drain tank.
  • Soleus LX-140 is also multi-functional device, which has the built-in heat pump, 3-speed fan, dehumidifier and AC.
  • As other portable air conditioners, Soleus LX-140 doesn't need a permanent installation; window vent kit and hoses are provided for the simple mount.
  • Built-in caster wheels and handles are there for easy transport.
Soleus LX-140Soleus LX-140

Dual venting system

Soleus 14000 BTU portable air conditioner comes with the dual vent system as opposed to NewAir AC-14000H which has one single hose. Dual systems use one hose to exhaust the hot air out and the other to bring the fresh outdoor air in. For the quick spot cooling, you can use a single hose exhaust setup also.

WaveFlo Oscillation

The 3-position swinging louvers is there to change the airflow direction, while Soleus LX-140 features patented WaveFlo Oscillation so it can automatically and evenly distribute the air within the room.

Easy to use controls

The control panel is neat... it features multi-color display for the enhanced graphics and readability and several buttons such as the fan speed control, mode selector, timer, temperature and time selector and ON/OFF. So whenever you press the button on the control panel an icon appears on the display. Another way to change the settings is through the provided remote control.


So which 14000 BTU portable air conditioner is better, NewAir AC-14000H or Soleus LX-140? Both are great portable units; NewAir is more powerful while it consumes more energy; it has the environment friendly refrigerant R-410A, is lighter, but louder. Soleus portable air conditioner has better price; it costs $450 while NewAir AC-14000H $550. Conclusion is that either one you purchase it will be a good buy.

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