1000 Watt Portable Generator Review

Find the best 1000 Watt portable generator, features, pros and cons. Review of ETQ, Honeywell, Kipor and Yamaha generators.

1000 Watts portable generator - Where to use it

1000 Watts portable generator is built mainly for light duty applications, such as the small electronics and lighting during the power outage at home or outdoors where the electrical outlets are far away.

1000 Watt generator is small, light, compact and very convenient to use. This is why it is perfect when mobile, when camping, on the boat, while tailgating or partying.

To determine the generator power requirements, we have seen in the previous articles about gas generators, consider all the tools and appliances you gonna use.

Using the formula Volts x Amps = Watts (or find the sticker with the wattage) see what is the total power in Watts of all electric units you are trying to run but not to exceed 1000 Watts.

Example: If one of the electric appliances (i.e. your espresso machine) is designed to work on 120v and 6 amps of AC, which means that this machine requires 720 Watts of power.

  • One bulb, for example, requires an average 60 Watts.
  • Laptop - 200-2500 W.
  • TV - 120 to 300 W.
  • Radio - 50-200 W.
  • DVD - 350 W.
  • RV fridge - 180 W and 600 W startup wattage

So, the 1000 Watt portable generator can power the espresso machine, TV, radio and several lights simultaneously. Most of the people will buy a larger generator than what they actually need, just in case. Either one you buy be careful not to overload the generator.

The best 1000 Watt portable generator

As per our generator buying guide look for the portable generator, that is strong, durable, has a low noise level, is easy to start (electronic start if possible) and is lightweight for transport.

Honeywell HW2000i Review

Honeywell HW1000iHoneywell HW1000i

Honeywell HW1000i is 1000 Watt portable generator that is using 53cc, 4-stroke engine. It uses an inverter technology to provide reliable power for voltage sensible electronics, such as computers, while providing clean power and quiet operation.

Built-in handle, small 19 x 19 x 10 inches size and 30 pounds of weight, are offering you a convenience and perfect portability when traveling. Noise level is 60 dB. It is CARB compliant.

With the full gasoline tank of 0.71-gallons, this 1000 Watt portable generator can run for five hours, making it ideal for your camping. Safety features such as the overload protection, low oil and economy mode for fuel saving are giving the additional reason for worry-free use. Good two-year warranty.

ETQ TG1200 Review

ETQ TG1200ETQ TG1200

ETQ TG1200 is the 2 HP, 2-cycle gas generator that is designed to offer 1000 Watts of running power and 1200 W maximum.

Its 1-gallon fuel tank provides up to 8 hours running time. ETQ TG1200 is noisier than Honeywell HW1000i generator, it's noise level is 65 dB. With the size of 15 x 16 x 13 inches it is smaller, but not lighter than Honeywell. Much cheaper. Non-CARB compliant. One-year warranty.

Kipor IG1000 Review

Kipor IG1000Kipor IG1000

Kipor IG1000 is the 1000 Watt Inverter Generator in the same price range as Honeywell HW1000i, which is around $500. It has the same weight and size as Honeywell and is non CARB compliant. It is equipped with the 4-stroke, single cylinder 55cc OHC engine, which puts the generator in the group of quiet ones. Noise level at full load is 59 dB.

Smart Throttle technology allows Kipor IG1000 automatic engine speed adjustment to match the load, and that helps in better fuel efficiency and quieter operation. Gas tank of 2.6 l provides 4.2 hr running time. Two-year warranty.

Yamaha EF1000iS Review

Yamaha EF1000iSYamaha EF1000iS

Yamaha EF1000iS is the most expensive 1000 Watt portable generator within this group. It costs close to $800. Its 50cc OHV 4-Stroke gas engine and their innovative inverter technology produces high quality and clean electricity.

Yamaha EF1000iS is a very efficient generator that can run for up to 12 hours in economy mode and without refueling.

With the weight of 27.6 pounds only, ability to recharge from 12-volt DC output, this generator is ultra-portable, making it perfect for RVs, car and boat owners.

Noise level is amazing 57 dB, which is achieved by using the sound reduction system, glass wool construction to absorb noise and very quiet muffler. Two-year warranty.

Where to buy 1000 Watt portable generator

There are many stores where you can buy used, cheap or expensive portable generators.My favorite is Amazon.com for both new and old products, exclusively generator stores are another option.

Stores such as Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, Wal-mart are places for traditional shopping where you can find a deal and have a help from the sales rep. The advantages of browsing online are the money and time savings, convenience, variety of models with tons of expert and user reviews you can select and compare.


As you can see from the above features and models, 1000 Watt portable generator is mainly designed for smaller home electronics. That means that this small generator is not built to power the whole house, but is to watch your favorite show and enjoy warm coffee during the power outage.

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