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Portable water heater is the ideal solution for your hot water needs when camping, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, surfing, boating or RVing. Portable water heating is also great for cabins when there is no other solution for your shower and dishes.

portable water heater eccotempCompact water heater

Portable hot water heaters are mainly constructed as portable tankless heaters with an endless on-demand hot water supply; and you can also find them with a small and limited tank capacity.

This article is about the best selling portable water heaters which are used as the camp showers, for example, cooking, dishes, morning coffee or a tea.

Portable water heater manufacturer review

What's the best portable water heater, types and brands?

I have reviewed many tank-type and tankless portable hot water heaters that are using propane gas as the fuel type. The stores I have selected to obtain reviews from are the well known mega stores such as Walmart, Campingworld, Canadian Tire, Lowe's and Based on these reviews, pros and cons found in the consumer reports and the available features from the manufacturers, here is the selection of the best three portable water heater brands:

Coleman portable water heaters

coleman portable water heater for campingColeman

Coleman brand is the world-known name for camping and outdoor activities. Coleman Company has been making and selling recreational products for outdoor use for many years.

You can also find Coleman present in water heating industry, represented by the 5-gallon tank type, portable water heater. Coleman 5-gallon model is a propane water heater, designed mainly for campers and their hot water needs.

Coleman portable propane water heater basic setup includes the 5-gallon collapsible water container, but it can be adapted for on-demand, tank-less water flow. The hose for on demand use has to be purchased separately as an additional accessory.

When used as the portable tankless water heater, it can heat 40 gallons of water by using only one 16.4 oz propane tank and one pump battery charge.


  • You can adjust the water temperature from cold to scalding hot by using a variable temperature control knob.

  • Rotating faucet is very convenient feature, especially for washing dishes.

  • The heater is equipped with a built-in igniter so you can turn the hot water ON and OFF as you need it.

  • Coleman portable propane water heater is using the battery-operated pump. The pump is equipped with the rechargeable 6-volt battery with a 40-minute run time. When the battery voltage is low an indicator light illuminates.

  • Recharger cord 110V/120V and 12-volt auto recharger cord are included for convenient use, located in the storage compartment of your water heater.

  • If for some reason, hot water temperature reaches the maximum value of 160 F, the over-temp indicator light turns ON.

  • The hose wraps around the water heater for convenient storage.


  • Easy installation.

  • Convenient on demand use.

  • This portable water heater delivers water hot enough to make a coffee or tea, in a matter of seconds.

  • The water heater is lightweight enough to move it easily and where you need it.

  • Coleman backs up the warranty fully.

  • If you buy an attachment, you can use the larger propane tank.

  • Recharging the battery is easy, it takes approximately 8 hours to fully charged. A green LED should come up, indicating when the battery is fully charged.

  • It is very easy to clean and maintain, by using the household cleaners.


  • Hard to get replacement parts.

  • Lots of wasted water before it starts delivering hot water.

  • Several complains about low quality components.

  • Battery running life is too low (some reports say 2 hours only).

  • Cannot use an easy-to-find 14.1 oz propane tank, the one which is used for hand torches.

Coleman water heater price is approx. $215, found on the With the purchase of this model, Coleman provides a warranty of 3 years.

EccoTemp portable water heaters

eccotemp portable water heaterEccoTemp L5

EccoTemp L5 model is the portable tankless water heater with the 2-D cell battery, automatic battery ignition, convenient shower nozzle with ON/OFF control and much more...

It is great for camping, outdoors and cabins and in the place where the adequate ventilation is provided. Read the detailed EccoTemp review here.

Zodi portable water heaters

zodi portable hot water heater for outdoor useZodi

Zodi portable propane water heater is used as an instant hot-shower as it produces hot water with the temperature of 100 F, in a very short time.

There are several types of Zodi portable water heaters, and all of them are designed for use when camping, RVing, hiking, boating and during other outdoor activities.

Below is the review of the most popular and easy to use portable propane water heaters; single burner hot tap and high performance double burner heaters that is using two propane tanks.


  • The 6-volt pump is strong, and it delivers great water pressure. To protect the water heater against the dirty water, it uses the installed debris filter.

  • Stainless steel burner for durability and high performance. Double burner design is used on high performance models.

  • Zodi portable model works by using four "D" cell batteries that are enclosed with the water-tight battery case.

  • Gas regulated valve allows hot water temperature control and adjustment, up to 100 F. Regulated valve is altitude rated, and contains the ignition push button.

  • Durable metal housing that carries the propane tank.

  • Water heater is equipped with the long shower hose and wide spray, water saving shower head.

  • 4-gallon storage case holds water for up to a 10 minute shower.

  • Zodi portable water heater uses 16.4 oz disposable propane tank and if you buy an optional tank kit, it can be attached to 5-gallon BBQ propane tank.

  • If you buy an optional garden hose kit, a water heater permits the unlimited use without the pump and batteries.


  • It is built to last. Zodi portable heater is constructed from the high quality materials.

  • Easy to use.

  • Doesn't require assembly. The pump is submerged in the water.

  • Easy to use with the simple push ignition button.

  • Compact design allows easy carrying.

  • Zodi heater can heat up to 60 gallons of hot water, between battery and propane refills.


  • Few complain on the bad quality of battery casing, shower hose and accessories.

  • Low water pressure, which can be increased by raising the water pump above your head.

  • The hose is too short.

  • When the incoming water is too cold, Zodi portable hot water heater cannot provide a decent hot water temperature for a comfortable shower.

  • Shutting off Zodi portable hot water heater and relighting the unit again are inconvenient when comparing to Coleman's model.

You can buy Zodi portable water heater for approximately $140 for one-burner model or $240 for two-burner water heater and the warranty that comes with the purchase is 1 year.

Zodi manufacturer is the only one among the above ones that offers several types of portable water heaters, specifically designed for camping and other outdoor activities.

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