Best Portable Table Saw Review

Best portable table saw review and a buying guide. Find popular mini table saws for portable use, including Ryobi, Rigid, Dewalt and Bosch manufacturers.

Tips when buying portable table saw

bosch portable table sawPortable saw

Portable table saw is a small but powerful tool designed mainly for wood cutting and for DIY home projects, basic cabinetmaking and carpentry. Great advantage is the lightweight and compact size which allows an easy transport and convenient use.

Table saws with a portable construction are less expensive than other types of the table saws, but capable of performing as well as larger ones, even for some heavy duty tasks.

These table saws are mostly used for cutting softer wood, and they can perform a variety of cuts, such as rip cuts. They can also be used for sheet metal and plastic pipe cutting, for example.

Table saw components

Portable table saws are constructed of the lighter materials where some components are made of aluminum and plastic.

Table saw is consisted of the narrower table, usually made of aluminum to minimize weight; circular saw blade, 10" diameter in size and mounted on an arbor, folding mobile base with a stand and two wheels for easy transport, and small universal electric motor as found in hand tools.

Material that is being cut is sitting on the table, which provides support, while the blade is protruding through the table and workpiece and cuts it.

Table saw blade can be moved up and down, which allows you to control the depth of the cut; and by adjusting the angle of the blade you can cut your wood under the angle.

They use small and lightweight motors, electrical power of 3-15 amp results in lower performance; which is the reason why they are used for softer wood cutting, while hardwoods with more effort.

Lightweight construction brings problems also. There is a vibration which causes the table saw components to wear and jiggle out of alignment over time. As they use a direct drive where the arbor is directly attached to the motor shaft, portable table saw is loud when it is operating.


Portable saws are great for homeowners; they use a standard voltage for homes, they are compact and space savers, designed for light to medium duty work, for softer and thinner materials that don't require lots of horsepower.

Portable saw is suitable for DIY home jobs and if used without legs or stands it is used as the bench or table top table saw. The largest portable saws are designed for professional such as carpenters and contractors who need small size, mobility and light weight table saw but still with a good size work area (these portables offer an expandable work surface) and strong enough motors.

The best portable table saws are usually high priced with more and better quality features such as rip fence, mitre gauge, blade guard assembly, blade wrenches, extra blades and other.

Look for the portable saw where mitre gauge, used for fast accurate cuts has a positive stop at 45 and 90 degrees, and the mitre gauge slot is perfectly parallel to the blade, again for accuracy. Rip fence has also to be parallel with the blade, as it is used as a guide for parallel cutting.

Collapsible design is recommended as it minimizes the storage space and if equipped with the pneumatic wheels it can handle the toughest and unexpected job site terrains.

The best portable band saw models

Bosch 4100-09

bosch portable table saw model 4100Bosch 4100

Bosch 4100-09 portable table saw is one of the best selling table saws online. This is a 10-inch table saw that is built to last; this is a high performing tool that delivers an efficient and accurate cutting either using in DIY home projects or for professional carpeting tasks.

Portable construction features a gravity rise stand which is there for easy setup and eight-inch treaded pneumatic wheels that allow Bosch 4100 move ability across the roughest terrain and between job sites.

You can buy Bosch 4100-09 portable saw online for approximately $640, and it comes with the one year warranty.

Ridgid R4510

ridgid portable table sawRidgid R4510

Ridgid R4510 model is a 10 inch heavy-duty table saw with a portable construction. Its powerful 15 Amp motor is strong enough for harder materials; the soft start provides smooth starting, which prolongs motor life and reduces breaker tripping.

Ridgid R4510 truly saves time and provides great accuracy; thanks to the Micro adjust bevel adjustment with quick release and quick change blade guard assembly for easy installation or replacement without tools.

The price for Ridgid R4510 is approximately $550, and the saw is backed with the warranty that covers you for life.


dewalt dw745 portable table sawDewalt DW745

DEWALT DW745 is the 10-inch portable table saw built for heavy-duty jobs that offers 16-inch max rip capacity. As other DEWALT tools, DW745 table saw offers features that are expected to see on high quality table saws including the tool free adjustments, 15 Amp motor, mitre gauge, blade adjustments, dust port and other...

The price for DEWALT DW745 is $400 with 3-year limited warranty.


If you are on the limited budget or don't have enough space for a full size model in your workshop, portable table saw is a smart solution. They are lighter, mobile and more convenient than standard table saws.

With the portable construction, they can be used as the table top table saws also. They deliver basic features for light to medium duty jobs, but it is hard to keep them well tuned and used for cutting where the great accuracy is required. Only the best portable table saw will deliver quick setup, repetitive cut capabilities, reduced material waste, durability, efficiency and precision making it ideal for carpenters and cabinetmakers.

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