Homemade Greenhouse Ideas

Homemade greenhouse ideas. Find out how to build a greenhouse from scratch. Use these plans and make one portable PVC greenhouse for growing your favorite vegetables and other plants.

One of the reasons why to build a portable home made greenhouse is to be able to move the garden around and provide the best conditions (e.g. sun exposure) and protect the crops during the harsh weather by dislocating it into the garage, for example.

Building a homemade greenhouse by using the available online plans is your best bet, or if you prefer, look for the ads to find a greenhouse for sale and buy one that meets your needs. Other places where you should look for plans and ideas are the greenhouse or garden magazines where you can find many interesting and easy to follow practical ideas and designs.

Time required to build a homemade greenhouse is approximately one full day, but it depends on your skills, help you have and the size of the object you are building. The hardest part will be to build a frame and connect the cover to it. After you are done with the frame, the walls, inside shelving, and providing the healthy environment, you will spend several hours on planting the seeds; while the maintenance and watering will be part of the everyday routine.

Materials and tools to build a homemade greenhouse

So, what do you need to build a homemade greenhouse; one simple, portable, PVC or polycarbonate green house?

  • Clear plastic, PVC or polycarbonate sheet

  • PVC pipes and joints for the frame

  • Joint cement

  • Tent stakes

  • Rope or cord

  • Hammer, scissors, knife, tape, measuring tape...

  • Soil and fertilizer

  • Plant seed

  • Gardening tools

  • Bucket or garden hose to water plants

A guide how to build a greenhouse

Choose a location

When choosing a location for your new portable mini garden, select the area that covers at least 12'X12' of your backyard (if you have a space), so it can provide enough room for shelves and tables, for you to walk in and work. Choose a site with the maximum sun exposure, where air drainage is good and the future homemade greenhouse is not surrounded by trees or buildings. Garden bed is also a good spot for your garden.

Build a frame of your greenhouse

Idea 1

After you have marked the area (the site should be flat) for your homemade greenhouse, use the hammer to put the 6 foot piece of rebar into the ground, 3 ft. apart and 3 ft. stuck in the ground. You can also use a simple wooden frame with flexible PVC hoops that slot into. Wooden frame is used to anchor the greenhouse and protect it from high winds. One of the ideas...

Use the long, straight, PVC pipes to build a greenhouse skeleton frame by putting each side over opposing piece of rebar. The idea is to make the arches from the flexible PVC pipes that hold up the plastic sheet. On each end of the plastic sheet, on the ground level, you can put bricks or rocks. You can also use the tape, glue or U-shape snap clamps to attach plastic sheet to the PVC pipes. Make it high enough so you can walk into your homemade greenhouse.

Idea 2

The above greenhouse frames are anchored, but they resist bad weather conditions. If you want more portability build the frame with the PVC pipes and PVC joints only. They are easy to work with, assemble and they are lightweight. Use the PVC cement to join all the pipes and fittings.

Make the base and the top of your greenhouse frame first, to create a box. You can build both base and the top by using the four (or two) 3 ft long pipes, to make four sides of the square. Connect 3 ft straight pipes with the 4-way fittings. For the corners use the 3-way 90 deg. PVC fittings with the opening on the top for wall support. See the picture below for the idea and the plan.

build your own homemade greenhouseGreenhouse designed by snapclamp.com

The "roof" can be a dome shape, and to make it use the pipe arch between two 4-way fittings on the upper frame.

Idea 3

This greenhouse plan is for 32'x10'x10. Look more for details here.

Other Ideas

Backyard greenhouse plan - 12 feet by 14 feet greenhouse built from inexpensive materials, for less than $100. This backyard greenhouse is made of a wooden frame to which are attached bows of PVC pipes to hold up the clear plastic sheet cover.

Great tips and the planning process on how to build a greenhouse...

Plan how to build a PVC greenhouse...

Very simple DIY home made greenhouse...

If you design your greenhouse as the tunnel shape, you will have a simple but not the best solution for hydroponic growing, due to the high temperature and humidity during the summer time.

Dome shape green house is a better solution that can be used for hydroponics.

Portable greenhouse is cheap and simple, but it is hard to handle heavy snow loads and high winds.

What else do you need for your homemade greenhouse?

Water should be accessible, as watering is necessary for your garden plants. If you are just starting a homemade gardening project, a recommendation is to become familiar with the seeds you are planning to plant. The best is to collect some info from the local garden store. Visit also the article about growing plants in a greenhouse.

Provide a sufficient air circulation and reduce the buildup heat by making the front and back "doors" (simply cut the flap in the plastic sheet) on the greenhouse as too much heat can be detrimental to your plants and the whole mini garden.

How to build a greenhouse using a portable greenhouse kits

If it is hard for you to build your own greenhouse from scratch, buy a kit. You can buy, for example, a greenhouse kit containing sheets of glass with fasteners with the handle on the top which makes the small section portable and allows the air to enter. This kind of small portable greenhouse is for growing flowers, for example, and by removing one side of the roof you are having the direct access to water and maintain your small garden. Cheaper version is to buy a portable PVC greenhouse kit.

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