Best Portable Wardrobe Closets

Review of the best portable wardrobe closets. Detailed features, user pros and cons of the most popular mobile closets, such as Rubbermaid, Seville...

Listed below are the best portable clothes closets, designed to expand your storage options that are different in style, size, and materials that are made of.

How the best portable wardrobe closets are selected

Use our portable closet buying guide and find the useful tips when looking for the best portable wardrobe closets.

The most important is to buy a mobile closet that fits your needs with the size and capacity.

I have selected several, the most popular closets that are portable, foldable, easy to transport, have a good material quality and are versatile. I have used several online stores and review websites, went through numerous reviews and extracted its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Keep in mind, that the best portable wardrobe closets selected here is my recommendation. Your choice will depend on many factors such as the size, colors, style, budget and other user reviews.

My favorite portable wardrobe closets are large ones with the natural, breathable materials, such as cotton, have sturdy frame with strong metal rods to hang heavy clothes, and have multiple compartments such as the shoe rack, shelves or drawers for foldable items and accessories.

The best portable wardrobe closets


rubbermaid portable storage closetRubbermaid

Rubbermaid 3B2803BLTN is the portable wardrobe storage that is designed to hang a lot of shirts; it has a decent height of 60 inches, 63" in width and 19" in depth.

Rubbermaid portable wardrobe is made of the breathable, durable canvas fabric with zippered doors for easy access and protection and clear windows for visibility. Sturdy base provides all the support needed even for the heavier outfit.

Rubbermaid clothing closet is simple to assemble, and it sells for the affordable price of $30. It was rated 3.5 from over 40 users.


  • Great as a temporary solution for more closet space.

  • Easy to assemble if you follow the manual.

  • Works well as long as you don't overload it.

  • Durable if you are gentle on the fabric and zipper.

  • Very affordable.

  • Sturdy enough for the money you spend.

  • The clear plastic window allows you to view inside the closet and make a selection without opening it.

  • Lightweight.


  • Once assembled the whole closet becomes flimsy.

  • Also, the closet has a tendency to lean forward, it doesn't stay straight. Recommendation is to put some blocks under the front legs.

  • It has a flimsy cardboard bottom.

  • Made of plastic and once you put the clothes on, it will start to sag so the plastic joints might crack. Even with the maximum specified weight of 100 pounds, some users are not recommending it for winter, heavy clothing.

  • Fabric and zipper can be easily ripped.

Seville Classics

Seville Classics SHE16181 portable room organizer for your clothesSeville Classics

Seville Classics SHE16181 model is the portable room organizer, a clothing storage system with the modular design and adjustable heights for customized storage. It is not light, it weighs 46 pounds, but it is very strong.

Seville portable wardrobe closet is made of the steel with nice looking chrome plated finish. Wheels, joints and shelf supports are mainly made of plastic. With a size of 74x47"x18", it is higher than the previous Rubbermaid model, but narrower.

This mobile wardrobe system is consisted of one 9x18" cantilever shelf, four 18x18 shelves, two 30.5" hanger rod and zipper cover for clothing protection. Adjustable leveling feet are providing additional stability.


  • Attractive look.

  • The installation instructions are clear and straightforward, which makes the assembling, easy and fast.

  • Sturdy and durable; it holds a lot of clothes.

  • It can be combined with the plastic drawers.

  • Shelves height is adjustable and big enough for piles of clothes.

  • Wheels allow you to move the closet easily to clean it under and behind.


  • Expensive.

  • Cover is dark, not attractive.

  • Wheels might be too weak.

  • The bars should be little higher so longer jackets can hang freely.

Honey-Can-Do WRD-01274

honey-can-do portable clothing closetHoney-can-do

Honey-Can-Do WRD-01274 is a portable closet made of the heavy duty frame and breathable fabric cover. It has a breathable, lightweight fabric with a khaki/brown look that perfectly protects your clothes from dust and keeps them cleaned and fresh.

The size of 71x44X19" works great for additional or seasonal clothing. In the inside upper area of the closet, there is a steel hanging rod to hang shirts, pants, dresses, and below is the shelf for folding items, bags and even shoes.

The closet double doors are using magnets to keep them closed.

At the bottom of this portable wardrobe closet are two pull-out drawers for foldable clothes, smaller items and accessories, and they provide an easy access and protection also.

Honey-Can-Do WRD-01274 portable wardrobe closets sell for $80 and are backed by the limited lifetime warranty.


  • Attractive, cream-colored look.

  • It is using two big doors with magnets to close the wardrobe closet and keep the clothes out of sight and dust.

  • It has a strong metal construction, and it is sturdy; based on several reviews.


  • The most frequent complaint was that the installation instructions are unclear so it is hard and time consuming to assemble.

  • It sags when it supports heavier loads, such as coats.

  • Cheaply built components. Lack of quality.

  • Drawers don't move easily.

  • Missing parts, broken plastic...

Blue Storage Armoire

blue storage armoire mobile wardrobe closetBlue Storage Armoire

Blue Storage Armoire mobile wardrobe closet is built on the sturdy metal frame and is enclosed with the breathable non-woven PP material.

The metal frame rests on the six wheels which are making the closet very mobile.

With a size of 64x45-1/2x20", it is smaller than the previous three models; it has the compartment with the metal rod for hanging the garment and has four shelves for folding items, bags, scarves, shoes... It is designed to hold up to 50 lbs of hanging clothes.

At the front of the closet, there is a D shape flap with the zipper to close the closet and protect the clothes from the dust and moisture. Upper part is transparent for visibility.

You can buy Blue Storage Armoire for $80 here.


  • Ease to assemble and no tools required. Instructions are very clear.

  • Wheels are working well. It is mobile and easy to transport even with the clothes on.

  • Nice fabric material and color.

  • Sturdy metal frame.

  • Spacious.

  • There is a lot of room for hanging clothes.

  • Good shelf size.


  • Some users find it unstable with heavier loads such as the leather jacket.

  • Zipper fabric at top right came loose.

  • Not a stable with the wheels installed.

  • Light and flimsy.


The best portable wardrobe closets are those that will meet your needs for a capacity and storage space, are within your budget, protect the clothing, are versatile, made of the strong and durable materials, so they don't easily tear or break. They shouldn't be too heavy, and preferable have wheels for mobility and be easily transported from one room to another.

Does it come with the non-woven cloth, what is the color of the fabric, style... are also important factors but it is a personal choice.

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